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Ashill Community Football Club take the privacy, security and personal information of our website users very seriously. In this privacy notice we will detail how your personal details are stored, collected and held. It is very important that this information is read carefully.

If you wish to contact us regarding any questions or concerns about this privacy policy then please contact us in one of the following ways:
- by emailing
- by phoning our Chairperson on 07909487752
- by posting to 8 Hale Road, Ashill, Norfolk, IP25 7AX

Our privacy policy can be subject to updates. The last time this polic
y was updated was on the 19th February 2023.

Details on how we collect your personal information:

Any data that we collect will be received via our registration forms or our 'Contact Us' page. The data that we usually collect from our 'Contact Us' page is First Name, Last Name and Email addresses. This may also include any other personal information that your decide to share with us.
The data that we collect for our registration forms are First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Home Address, Email Address and Contact Numbers. This information allows us as a club to register players with the Norfolk County FA Affiliated Leagues.
Medical information may also be held as this required by us as a club and your players coaches. This information will allow us and our coaches to react appropriately in the case of an injury or emergency.

How your data may be used throughout the season:
- Information submitted to us via a registration form will be kept with the relevant team coach. This information is for the team coach to use in the event of an emergency or if a player requires
medical attention.
- Parents will be contacted throughout the season by team coaches to organise training times, inform parents of match day information such as venues, dates and times.
- Names will be used on a spreadsheet for the Club Treasurer to track payments. This document will NOT be shared with anyone other than the Club Treasurer and Chairperson.

We could pass on personal information about yourself and your child to the following organisations:
Ashill Community Football Club is affiliated to the English Football Association and MUST register all players with the Norfolk County FA. Our teams also play in the Norfolk Combined Youth Football League. In order to register players with both the FA and League, the club will need to pass your information to both of these to ensure your child is registered. These organisations provide oversight and governance of football clubs and ensure they operate fairly and properly within policies they implement.
- When teams enter a tournament/event the organisers may ask for basic information such as players full names and date of birth.
- If we are contacted by the Police and asked to provide personal information about yourself or your child then we will be obliged to hand this information to them.

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